Creating Web 4.0 and the Digitally Credentialised Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) for Distributed Online SystemsA NEW APPROACH TO WEB CENTRIC, TRUSTED PLATFORMS EMBRACING


A generic decentralised peer to peer mesh or cloud operated platform with integrated functions for your web enabled, trusted , digitally credentialised, social and commercial applications.


powered by cuublemesh – creating web 4.0

Assure biosecurity, environmental credentials, provenance and prove your ownership of your creative work and your digital presence

Manage the assurance and verification reports of your supply chain

Enable the qualitative aspects of your supply chain to be valued with verifiable digital production evidence

Self-brand and set the standards for your organization and your supply chain and make this visible for your community and customers using video, voice and documentation

Make it quick, easy and online

A platform to deliver all of your provenance  assurance and reports

TraceabilityPro supports the transition from paper-based formats and integrates with existing digital data collection and reporting systems and standards

Use the facility of electronically signed and a three level digitally signed data credential to legally verify provenance of the production records which can include media, images and documents

Community Manager

powered by cuublemesh – creating web 4.0

Curate and manage your community to build social capital, wellbeing and safety

Your brand, your look-and-feel, your values enabling community interaction and support – the community when the physical community is far apart

Any language, mobile and laptop devices

An out-of-the box solution to getting started quickly and concentrating your talents and creativity in curating and community building

Community Manager enables all online interactions and the peer-to-peer networking enables dynamic management of the roles, responsibilities and entitlements of your community and assigned community leaders


Take it to the next stage and run your entire member operations with digitally secured signatures and document and event proof of provenance for example education records and achievements, your supply chain community.

Smart Precinct Manager

powered by cuublemesh – creating web 4.0

Enable and manage the complexity, interactivity and dynamics required for smart cities and precincts

SmartPrecinct Manager is ready for POC and can connect with or host your existing apps and systems

Use the platform to design a network of dynamically assigned management roles, specified geographical locations and regulations, identify IoT devices and your data and meta data requirements

Needed by 5G infrastructure services providers and CBDC infrastructure developments

An out-of-the box platform solution ready for POC

SmartPrecinct Manager incorporates CommunityManager and TraceabilityPro capabilities

Our unique meshed web services platforms allows for a single system or a highly scaled network of interconnected systems.

Our unique mesh wide address book system identifies the people and devices, assigns roles, entitlements and rules, and applies digitally secured point-in-time and location proof of provenance

SmartPrecinct Manager is a scaleable and dynamic secure ledger system that enables enforcement, data collection and record keeping – that can be recorded, filed and searched



and it’s capabilities

Built on a unique distributed peer-to-peer mesh web services engine and a unique smart multi node, multi chain signed digital credential database. Its operational functions allow the digital credential, multi node and chain system to be easily configured and tested for your applications and the digital credential chains to be validated for chain data content integrity.
Multi Node
Single node or peer-to-peer mesh multi node operation
Multi Chain
Each node can support the easy creation of multiple, named trusted digital signed credential chains
Multi Digital Credential (Block) Types
Multi credential types with three levels of legally applied digital signatures and configurable data schema allow for a wide range of trusted DLT applications where data provenence and trust is key.
Multi Token Types
Multi token type schema allows for a wide range of asset tokenising strategies
System & Personal
Allows for system wide and personally created and protected digitally signed credential chains
Token assignment
Allows for user selected token assignment to block chain information, media and event entries
High Performance
Has high performance search tools and indexing capabilities
Smart Contracts
On screen business and operational level smart contract creation and multi chain execution

Well Beyond a single purpose block chain – multi node, multi chain , multi credential types, full PKI and OSS – Telco Style Engineering

Many block chain entities
Cuublemesh goes beyond a single application block chain data technology for a dedicated ledger application between a few selected companies, possibly creating a costly process silo. Cuublemesh is a peer-to-peer web services (information) engine that enables many types of legally signed digital credential (block) chain entities (ledgers) for varied operational, business and trusted activity reasons. This is truly the Web 3.0 and the ZTA (Zero Trust Architecture) agenda being delivered.

Smart Contract Block
key features

A dynamically configurable block chain smart contract capability providing supply chains, health systems, legal services. Operationally these need the cuublemesh block chain management, routing, notification and status services, plus the ability to find transaction information fast over large data sets. Our Smart Contract block chain function includes these key features:
Decentralised Meshed Environment – allows for governance partitions and B2B style domains
Addressable Nodes and Chains – allows chains to be identified and blocks routed to them and origination/destination data kept in the block itself
Multi Block Types
Multi Block Types – allows for application, commercial relationship or contract specific contexts
Multi Token Types
Multi Token Types – allows for application, commercial relationship or contract specific tokenisation and value contexts
Cross Mesh Search
Cross Mesh Search on Transaction Ids etc. – allows for a set of blocks relating to a transaction to be seen as a ordered set of blocks regardless of the node/chains/parties that transaction spanned
New Block Routing
New Block Routing – allows for a transaction on one chain to write the block data to another addressable chain – for that transactions next step of processing by another party in a different domain
Block Action Notification Services – allows for the users of the system to be notified when blocks are written by one party and the other party needs to know that
Activity Status
Block Activity Status Services – allows for a block – with a coupled status area to be updated as to how the block was acted upon
Managed Content
Transaction Block Sequence Managed Content – allows for the addition and removal of block content (supporting information) at each stage of the transaction sequence
Managed Smart Contracts
Transaction Block Sequence Managed Smart Contracts – allows for the updating of the smart contract parameters at each stage of the multi block transaction sequence. Noting the smart contract information is carried in the block as part of its hashed payload. And can be updated as e.g. the input block data is used as a template for the action’s output block data

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