test configuration

Our test configuration uses three desktop servers, connected as a peer-to-peer mesh, each server running the cuublemesh software. Each server configured with multiple (named)  credential  (block) chains. One server also provides the web user interface for the networked system. Credential sizes range from 3kb to 230mb. The latter contain media and images.


Extensive Search and management functions


Flexible, fast and scaleable


Holds messages, images, documents, audio and videos

Chain relations

Offers personalised credential chains for chain creators, able to authorise related parties onto chain

Event Records

Selectable user events (help calls, scripts, personal information (smart contracts)) are recorded


multi level digital signature and encryption and user access controls ensure trust

Search statistics

Our testing and cross node and cross chain search performance statistics show the platform can be run out of the box, thus immediately ready for proof of concept trials and rapid block chain technology assessment programs. It can also serve as a method of evolving existing procedures into automated workflow procedures, smart contract enabled transactions and workflows and eventually AI assisted environments.

The figures below are from our three desktop server, 12 digital credential (block) chains with 10m blocks configuration. Forward searches – oldest to newest credentials. Backward searches – newest to oldest credentials.

Chain Credential Type summaries – forward or backward search.

2 seconds

Chain Token Type Summaries – forward or backward search

2 seconds

 Credential Summaries, truncated responses (within set limits) backward search

6 seconds

Credentials with images and media content – forward or backward search with 100 plus media blocks randomly applied across all chains and 10m blocks

4 seconds

Credentials with subject attributes forward search –all nodes, 12 chains, 10m entries, summary responses

4 seconds

Credentials with TXID attributes – forward search –all nodes, 12 chains, 10m entries, transaction ID attribute, summary responses

4 seconds

Update Credential Action Status

< 1 second

Create chain

< 1 second

Remove Chain Entries (clear the chain)

1 second

Show chain array

< 1 second

Show Credential Type and Token Type configuration

< 1 second

Show Attribute Types and Credential Link Indexes

< 1 second

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