Smart Contracts
functional architecture

The cuublemesh smarts contracts architecture allows for a multi node, multi credential chain system to manage multi credential transactions and for the credential and its smart contract to be  stored and replicated to other credential chains under a business-operational DLT strategy. This functionality allows for business relationships to determine how the DLT is collectively applied.

The existing and traditional data oriented DLT strategy is for a single chain where one system (or any one system) to replicate its credential chain data to another  system.  There may also be several or many other copies  of the chain in the overall configuration.

The ‘replicate every data item to everywhere’ approach  though for larger systems can be problematic re reliability, data management, scale, inflexibility, operational error conditions and TCO.

Because of the issues described the cuublemesh system applies flexible business level smart contracts for the business contract itself and the controls to determine the system’s DLT functionality on a per credential chain transaction use-case basis.

The smart contract architecture applies our peer-to-peer mesh web services engine to search for and to write to the credential chains across the mesh. The business level user controls are via a credential creator-editor function, smart contract creator-editor function and a business-operations user configured smart contract language module.

The execution of the smart contract at each stage of the transaction’s credential creation sequence can be via human user methods, automated methods or a combination of both.

solving credential chain scaling with smart contracts

For supply chain, legal, health care and other transaction sequences

smart contract creation and editing for block sequences

The platform for you to create your innovative new business model

1. Customised Branding and User Experience

Cuuble mesh is a white labelled, web services system.
Your company logo and web site graphic design elements can be integrated into the user interface in order to give your users (customers or staff) a seamless corporate online environment, meeting (GDPR) accessible UX interfaces.

2. Proof of concept

Cuublemesh is ready out-of-the-box to model your business and user value proposition and test your business innovation.

3. Building your business system

We can work with you to develop the user interface and user value proposition to suit your business and operational needs.

4. Create the future with Cuublemesh.

Our dynamic, secure and user centric distributed ledger platform will redefine the user experience and enable new innovative business models. Be the first to capture that value.