Operations and User Management
Network and Communicate Easily

Welcome to cuuble campus.

Cuuble campus is a range of mobile applications and a range of campus operations support centre functions based on the cuublemesh system,

Further details of the system and application are available through the cuublemesh videos menu.


Operations Centre Functionality  :

  • Register a User
  • Edit User Details
  • Search the User or System Address Lists
  • Search the User or System Services Lists
  • Search Campus / User Attributes
  • Send and Receive Chat Messages to Users and Operators
  • Send and Receive SMS Messages to Users and Operators
  • Send and Receive Images Messages to Users and Operators
  • Send Mobile App Notifications
  • Send and Receive Email
  • Configure Campus Attributes
  • Optionally Select digital credential (Block) Chain Services
  • Optionally Run a Multi Node Decentralised System
  • Credentialise online examinations and record them and their online process evidence in a trusted credential chain context.

The platform for you to create your innovative new business model

1. Customised Branding and User Experience.

Cuuble mesh is a white labelled, web services system.
Your company logo and web site graphic design elements can be integrated into the user interface in order to give your users (customers or staff) a seamless corporate online environment, meeting (GDPR) accessible UX interfaces.

2. Proof of concept

Cuublemesh is ready out-of-the-box to model your business and user value proposition and test your business innovation.

3. Building your business system

We can work with you to develop the user interface and user value proposition to suit your business and operational needs.

4. Create the future with Cuublemesh

Our dynamic, secure and user centric distributed ledger platform will redefine the user experience and enable new innovative business models. Be the first to capture that value.