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Cuublemesh is a world’s first in truly decentralised, social cell, peer to peer, self managed , digital credential (block) chain enabled systems.
Cuublemesh, a significant evolution from the basic (web 3) siloed block chain hash linking method for basic token applications… to using digitally signed certificates as digital asset credenials in line with PKI / military standards. The system includes both system and organisational level smart mesh PKI and operational support functions coupled to its soft configured role/title/class interaction based identity system.
Our unique standards based digital credential (block) chain architecture supports:
Multiple credential chains per node

System wide and personal, self created, self managed credential chains

Greater trust in the credential information through the use of digitally signed X.509 attribute certificates (PKI and Military Standards)

The trusted recording and viewing of content such as help calls, scripts, documents, tokenised asset exchanges and media

GDPR (privacy regulations) support functions and end user access controls

Notification services for on chain events

Rapid searching for information across the cuublemesh (multiple nodes) or just a single credential chain instance

Configurable, multiple digitally signed credential/block types and token types and schema

The linking of blocks via digital certificate chains , transaction identifiers and subject attributes

Easy to use operator and end user graphical interfaces

Adaptation as to accessibility or application

Integrated IoT devices and their configuration

System operation and maintenance functions
The cuublemesh platform enables:
The rapid evaluation of digital credential and token (block) chain enabled proof of concept type strategies

A demonstrable, operational approach to digitally secure. trusted, credential chain enabled decentralised systems

Ease of adaption to suit business and end user needs

A foundation for the development of new trusted credentialised socially focused system architectures for e.g. health, care, resource management and smart cities

Significant cost, time and risk reduction in business – IT strategies and their implementation.

Team members

The cuublemesh team bring years of experience and expertise in technology and business strategy. Our technology team is led by Alan Lloyd who is an internationally recognised information architect, specialising in new generation developments, information systems infrastructure and customer user-centric and trusted systems.

SusanOliver AM

Susan is an entrepreneur, company director and investor. She is deeply committed to innovation in Australia.


Alan is an IT visionary and enjoys international recognition for his expertise.


Business Strategist: Grant has spent almost 30 years consulting with clients for Accenture.


• Extensive Search and management functions
• Flexible, fast and scaleable
• Holds messages, images, documents, audio, videos
• Offers personalised block chains for chain creators +
• Selectable user events are recorded
• Hashing, signature and encryption and user access controls
Block summaries truncated responses
Blocks with images and media content
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